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Product Model: 4000066-025

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Manufacturer Invensys
Weight 0 kg

Control system parts

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We provide a way to make your purchase of spare parts as easy as possible.

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Product Conditions
Product Conditions

Condition Levels:

Used/Refurbished - These parts have been previously used, but are in good condition and clean. They have been refurbished as necessary.

New Without Package - These parts are new. They have not been used, but their original packaging is no longer available.

New In Opened Package -These parts are new. They have not been used, but their original packaging has been opened or the packaging is significantly aged.

New In Sealed Package - These parts are new. They have not been used and still have their original package seal intact.

New in Original Package - These parts are new. The packages were not originally sealed by their original manufacturer.

Note: Surplus parts might not be the most recent version, revision or date code currently offered by the original vendor.

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