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The warranty of industry automation components and parts that "amikon" 1-year warranty.

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  • RGZB
    Under-impedance Start Module
    IMYN743208-A/04, RGZB 030
    Qty.: Ask
  • RGTA
    Application Selector and Timer Module
    IN7433-3982-GF/04, RGTA 030
    Qty.: Ask
  • RGSB
    Comparator/Indicator Module
    IN7433-3982-LB/02, RGSB 030
    Qty.: Ask
  • RGLA
    Voltage Memory Module
    IN7433-3982-KB/03, RGLA 030
    Qty.: Ask
  • RGKD
    Trip/Output Interface Module
    IN7433-3982-BB/02, RGKD 050
    Qty.: Ask
  • RGKC
    Input Control Interface Module
    IN7433-3982-AH/02, RGKC 070
    Qty.: Ask
  • RGGB
    Phase Selector Module
    IN7433-3982-DC/02, RGGB 030
    Qty.: Ask
  • RGAB
    Voltage Replica Module
    IN7433-3982-FC/06, RGAB 030
    Qty.: Ask
  • RGAA
    Current Replica Module
    IN7433-3982-EB/06, RGAA 030
    Qty.: Ask
1-9 of 9
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